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About Our Students

They come from Skokie, West Rogers Park, Northshore suburbs and even from out of state. They are athletes, musicians, scholars, artists and computer techies. They come from diverse families and backgrounds.

ICJA students are as diverse as they are numerous. Their shared commitment to growth, reinforced by a staff that supports each student as an individual, is what unites them. The warmth and care that is found in the building, the relationships between faculty and students, the opportunities to perform chesed, the willingness to allow students to grow, and the commitment to each individual student is what enables each Academy student to reach his or her potential. Teachers and faculty at the Academy are devoted to the entire Jewish personality of each student in the school.

More than 30 percent of students participate in sports, everyone does chesed and many do various extracurricular activities. Those that don’t find the perfect fit, create their own club.

The majority of applicants enter in ninth grade, although applications to the tenth and eleventh grades are also considered. We do not accept applications for students transferring into twelfth grade.

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